My thoughts and reactions while reading Lady Midnight


Lady Midnight was absolutely brilliant! I loved everything about it and, as it always happens with Cassandra Clare’s books and Shadowhunters, I fangirled a lot while reading it! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but when I read a book I like to keep little notes about it and write down my thoughts and my favorite quotes, so I can use them for my reviews. So, when I was going through those notes for my review on Lady Midnight last Monday, I thought it would be fun idea to share them with you here! These are basically the reactions I had while reading the book and I tried to keep them as genuine as possible. Enjoy!

Warning 1: This post contains a lot of fangirling
Warning 2: This post contains major spoilers about Lady Midnight, so if you haven’t read this book yet do not read further.

Page 46: “The one who understands your music. Emma couldn’t play a note on any instrument but Julian understood her music.” Aw, Jem told Emma about zhi yin. Ah, the memories. I need to reread The Infernal Devices again.
Page 70: A rune for birth control? Of course, Clary would create one. We all remember the awkwardness of he situation in that cave in City of Heavenly Fire.
Page 73: “I have been lollipoped.” Hahaha!
Page 75: “Julian looked over with a smile. The smile made him look like sunlight in human form. It didn’t hurt that the dish towel around his neck had kittens on it, and there was pancake butter on his calloused hands.” I’m in love with him already. And kittens. Seriously?
Page 80: “You don’t have to do this for me.”
“I think I do. I think I remember making a vow to that effect.”
“Wither thou goest, I will go, whatever stupid thing you do, I shall do also? Was that the vow?”
I just love these two together.
Page 92: “Laws are meaningless. There is nothing more important than love. And no law higher.”
Not according to the Clave.

Page 93: “The Clave resisted the advent of modernity but even more so any engagement with mundane culture.” Someone needs to tell the producers of the show this.
Page 104: Church is everywhere. By the Angel, that cat will never die.
Page 108: It’s so sad that a stupid law that doesn’t even make sense is destroying their relationship like that. I never got why parabatai can’t be together.
Page 125: “Sorry but I don’t date trees.” Hahaha! I love her!
Page 132: Mark! Yes! By the Angel, I stopped breathing too. He’s finally back.
Page 155: Magnus! Yay! Magnus showed up!
Page 158: “The father of my child.” Ahjdfbkjodsj!
Page 178: Aw, Will and Jem mention. The feels! Picking up Clockwork Angel as soon as I finish typing this!
Page 192: That’s so beautiful. I need these tarot cards!
Page 204: The horse turned into a motorcycle? Where can I get a horse like that?
Page 209: “You drive too fast.”
“You sound like Julian.”
“It brought me joy. It was as if I flew with the Hunt again and tasted the blood of the sky.”
“Okay, you sound like Julian on drugs.”
Julian on drugs is not an image I think I can handle. Also, I like this wild side of Mark.
Page 252: “Is she still with Jace?”
“Who’d break up with him?”
I probably would. If he was a jerk. And plus, there is another Herondale who has stolen my heart.
Page 254: “Showoff.”
“I’m your parabatai. I have to show off occasionally. Otherwise no one would understand why you keep me around.”
I can actually think of many reasons why she’d want to keep you around Julian.
“What is it? A raum demon?”
“I think it’s a minipoodle. And I don’t think it’s armed. I’m almost positive, in fact.”
She hit him in the shoulder, haha! I love the banter between them!
Page 259: Julian, oh my god! Please tell me he’s okay! And who the hell was that guy?
Page 263: Did Mark seriously just say “As my lady requests.”?
Page 265: “Whose eyes had he been looking into all those years?” My guess is Kieran’s?
“Do you mean your haircut?”
Go Mark! I can definitely see something happening between these two.
Page 268: “Because when someone shoots you with an arrow, your immediate response is not ‘Thanks for the arrow, I think I’ll keep it for a while’.”
“Good to know your sense of humor is intact.”
Only Jules could joke in a situation like this. Okay well, probably Will and Jace too.
Page 269: “You’re too skinny. Too much coffee. Not enough pancakes.”
“I hope they put that on my tombstone.”
Of course, that makes perfect sense! Here lies Julian Blackthorn. Too much coffee, not enough pancakes. If the situation weren’t so tragic, I would roll my eyes. Also, you’re a Shadowhunter Jules. They wouldn’t bury you, they would burn you. Just pointing that out.
Page 270: What? Why the hell would she kiss Mark? I think the blood loss in making him say nonsense.
Page 277: Mark ordered a plate of strawberries. “We don’t have that on the menu.”
“But you do have strawberries on the menu. And I have seen plates being carried to and fro. So it stands to reason that the strawberries could be placed upon a plate and brought to me.”
“He has a point.”
“A plate of strawberries.”
“I would take them in a bowl. It has been many years since I have eaten freely at my choice, fair one, and a plate of strawberries is all that I desire.”
Fair one? Why does he have to talk like that?”
“Mark, was that necessary?”
“Was what necessary?”
“You don’t have to sound like a medieval fairy poem.”
My point exactly, Julian.
“He bumped into a pay phone and said, ‘Excuse me, miss,’ on our way in.”
“It’s polite to apologize.”
“Not to inanimate objects.”
Seriously, that happened? I can’t even. Also, all this talk about strawberries made me crave strawberries. Thank the Angel it’s strawberry season.
Page 280: I can’t even comment on the fact they’re talking about the Avengers in the middle of a Shadowhunter investigation. Perfectly normal.
“Besides, Iron Man is obviously the best-looking.”
Lol, Jules!
Page 282: What is he doing?
“Might I make free with your lettuce my lady?”
The ridiculousness of the situation is getting out of hand. First strawberries and now lettuce. Mark, by the angel, act normal!
Page 283: “You’re gorgeous. Even with the fake elf ears. Forget the lettuce, you can make free with my…”
“Alright, you’ve made your point, enough.”
“You don’t want him. He has syphilis.”
I can’t believe this is happening!
Page 289: “Kieran was leaning against him, pinning him to the tree, and they were kissing.”
I knew it! I knew something was going on with Kieran and Mark! But still, that came a bit out of nowhere.
Page 293: Ooh, Kieran’s hair changes color according to his mood. That’s so awesome!
Page 307: I’m not gonna comment on the fact Julian wants a Batman clock.
Page 322: He’s wearing a fur coat? Just the fur coat? Okay, I’m dead. I don’t think I can handle the ridiculousness of the situation anymore.
Page 323: “Would you say I’m overdressed or underdressed?”
Laughing so hard right now!
Page 328: “We’re late. If some people hadn’t decided that ‘semiformal’ meant ‘seminaked’.”
“Why are you calling me some people? I am only one person.”
Mark is everything.
Page 331: Aw, Emma’s dad played the violin too. That’s so nice to know.
Page 339: That dance! Come on, it’s so obvious they’re attracted to one another. I want them to kiss already.
Page 327: “Do you take me for a buffoon?”
“Did you just mutter buffoon? Julian, try not to act weird, okay?”
Buffoon. Is that even a word?
Page 377: Ooh, Ty has his Shadowhunter on! Go Ty! Why do I get the feeling Ty and Kit are going to develop a connection? I’m pretty sure Kit will become a Shadowhunter at some point.
Page 378: “Tiberious Blackthorn. What on earth are you doing?”
Julian’s in dad mode.
Page 388: Why would he put Tavvy in a bag of sugar? I don’t understand Mark at all some times.
Page 413: “My name is James. James Carstairs. But everyone calls me Jem.”
Fangirling session is in order!
Page 416: “Because Magnus would have turned me into a hat rack.” That Herondale humor. It’s like hearing Will.
Page 422: “We are bound together. I breathe when you breathe, I bleed when you bleed, I’m yours and you’re mine, and I have always belonged to you! I don’t live if you die!”
Oh my god he kissed her! He kissed her, yes!
Page 423: Woah, slow down you guys! And maybe, get a room?
Page 424: That was pure fire. I think I stopped breathing for a while.
Page 426: Okay, that’s it. I’m dead. I can’t believe this just happened. Not that I didn’t want it to happen but I never thought it would come to this so quickly. I thought they’d just kiss. Ajkgkj! I’m fangirling so hard right now!
Page 439: “The law is hard but it is the law.” If I hear this one more time, I’m going to have a fit! It’s just so unfair! Everything is so unfair! And of course Julian loves her, no matter what he implied! She can’t seriously believe he was telling the truth.
Page 466: Julian’s pissed.
“A gentle boy with a gentle soul but every soul contains its opposite and the opposite of gentleness was ruthlessness, the beautiful wreckage of mercy.”
That’s one hell of a quote. I’m always impressed with Cassandra Clare’s writing. And I like ruthless Julian.
Page 517: Iarlath can die. I really want someone to kill him. Emma please kill him.
Page 538: Of course he has a room full of paintings of Emma.
Page 539: “How long have you been drawing me?”
“My whole life.”
That would sound creepy coming from anyone else but it’s Julian so I’ll go along with it.
Page 540: “Why all these paintings of you? Because I’m an artist Emma. These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.”
That was so beautiful! It made my heart melt!
Page 545: Mr. Hot and Sexy. Mark is jealous.
Page 550: What? Come on, it can’t be Malcolm!
Page 552: Oh my God, it’s Malcolm! Oh my God! I never saw that coming! And I really liked him.
Page 567: “Because I am a Shadowhunter.”
This put a smile on my face. I’m so glad he decided to stay.
Page 584: Okay, the suspense is killing me at this point.
Page 586: Oh my God, oh my God! They have to do something! And where the hell are Julian and Mark?
Page 610: Yes! Magnus and Clary are there!”
Page 611: And Jace! I guess it’s a reunion.
Page 612: Ah, I missed the Herondale humor.
Page 632: My heart is breaking for them. I really want them to be together. And what the hell is the parabatai curse? Are we ever going to find out?
Pages 649: Kit is a shadowhunter. He has to be. Of course, it makes sense.
Pages 650: Tessa? What is Tessa doing there?
“A tall man with dark hair, wielding a sword-headed cane.”
And Jem! Seriously what are they doing there? Why would Emma call them?
“On your feet, Christopher Herondale. We’ve been looking for you a long time.”
What? Wait, wait. WHAT? That’s what Tessa and Jem have been looking for? The lost Herondale? And it’s Kit? It’s Kit? Oh my god, oh my God! I can’t believe this is happening! I can’t even…!
Page 654: I actually really like Kit. And he has the Herondale blue eyes. I really hope we’ll get to see more of him in the next book.
Page 659: So if they stay together their power will grow so much that it will drive them mad and destroy them? But why? God, I can’t see how they can be together after this revelation. And I really, really want them to be together. Damn it, Cassandra Clare! You’re killing me here!
Page 666: What? No, she can’t do that! As much as I like Mark she can’t pretend to be in love with him. It will destroy Julian and I don’t want to think of what that might do to Mark’s relationship with Julian either. Why can’t she just tell him the truth? Julian would understand. And what about Mark and Cristina’s relationship! Damn it Emma! I understand why she had to do it but still. I don’t even want to think of what might happen in Lord of Shadows.
Page 668: “Why lie?”
I’m not sure how to feel about that. And that epilogue gave me the chills.

Well, that was it! You can read my full review of Lady Midnight here. Let me know what you thought of the book and if you had similar reactions to mine!



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  1. TheRealIsabelleLightwood says:

    ‘And plus, there is another Herondale who has stolen my heart.’ Please tell me you’re talking about James, Lucy, Jace or Edmund o someone like that because WILL IS MINE.

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