End of the Month Check In

Hey y’all! How’s your Saturday going? Can you believe it’s almost October already? I can’st say September was my best month but it still went by a lot faster than I expected!

Okay, so this post was actually supposed to be a mid month check in one but I was crazy busy this week with painting the house and redecorating my room and had to deal with some personal stuff the week before, so that obviously didn’t happen! So, end of the month check in it is! Here’s what’s been going in my (bookish) life lately!

What I’m currently reading!

Unfortunately I didn’t do much reading this month but I’m currently reading One of Us is Lying and absolutely loving it! I’ve been trying to start fantasy books for a good many months now so I decided a change in genre was in order! I’ve made good progress on this one and I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it soon, so I can get to my October tbr! I actually set one for next month but that’s going to be another post!

Apart from One of Us is Lying, I also started rereading Shadow and Bone this week because guys! Nikolai is getting his own book! I’m so excited for it to happen!


Latest Purchase!

So, I’m not very good at posting book hauls, mainly because I very easily loose track of all the books I buy or receive in book boxes, but the last book I got my hands on (specifically yesterday) was the special anniversary Gryffindor edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! I obviously need to collect them all and right now I’m only missing the Hufflepuff one. I’ve already ordered it though, so I can’t wait to get it!

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Top 10 Fictional Places I Want to Visit

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m back today with another post! It feels so good to be blogging regularly again! I probably won’t be able to post again during the next couple weeks because my exams just started (though I’ll try) but I had to take some time off studying this weekend to write this one because it’s been on my mind for weeks!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love reading about fictional places in fantasy books. It’s one of my favorite parts about fantasy, the fact that it always gives me the chance to lose myself into a world entirely different from our own and travel to magical places without even moving from my couch! High fantasy has always been the most fascinating genre for me and you can always count on fantasy writers to create amazing fictional places that go beyond everyone’s imagination! So without further ado and in no particular order, here are the top 10 fictional places that I really want to visit (and desperately wish were real) right now!

Cair Paravel

“The castle of Cair Paravel on its little hill towered up above them; before them were the sands, with rocks and little pools of salt water, and seaweed, and the smell of the sea and long miles of bluish-green waves breaking for ever and ever on the beach.”

Contrast to popular belief the first fantasy book I ever read was not Harry Potter but The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Harry Potter followed shortly after but Narnia was the first fictional world I lost myself in when I was a child and for that it will always have a special place in my heart! I mean who wouldn’t want to discover a magical land in their wardrobe? I definitely would! I would love to explore every part of Narnia and its surrounding lands but one of the places in it I have always been fascinated by is Cair Paravel and I always tried to imagine what it would look like when I was younger. Luckily the movie satisfied my imagination because I love how they depicted it in it and it still remains one of my favorite fictional places ever!


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Guide to Autumn Reading


A little belated but happy September everyone! I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Autumn! I love the rainy weather, I love hearing the crisp Autumn leaves under my feet and above all I love the month of October because of Halloween! While September is a super busy month for me because of exams, Autumn is a season that always inspires me to read more. Mainly because the rainy weather compels me to stay inside and enjoy the warmth along with the company of a good book! Here are a few things to try, that in my opinion, will make Autumn an even more amazing reading season!

Hot Cup of Tea

I absolutely love tea and I love drinking it when the weather is cold and rainy. For me, tea is the best companion to reading and cosying up with a cup of a delicious tea brew and a good book on an Autumn day is the definition of happiness. Don’t like tea? You can always accompany your reading with coffee or hot chocolate!

Your Favorite Blanket

We all have a favorite blanket, more or less. I love curling up on an armchair with mine and watching the rain outside my window. And if you have a furry companion even better!

Enjoy the Season

Like I said, cosying inside with a blanket and my current read is one of my favorite Autumn pass times. But I also love reading outside so I try to do it as often as possible or at least whenever the weather permits it. Reading in the leaves on a mild Autumn day is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the season! You might need a jacket to keep warm but it is definitely worth it!

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