Featured Tuesday: Unicorn Farts and Love Potions

Guess what guys? Featured Tuesdays are back! I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing a Featured Tuesday every week but I will do them occasionally whenever I have something to talk about! This week’s post is all about Happy Piranha, one of my favorite candle companies! I’m currently repping for them and I’m having a blast taking photos of their amazing candles and interacting with the owners, Josh and Sam! Well basically, Featured Tuesday was an excuse for me to write this specific blog post, but roll with it!


Have you guys heard of Happy Piranha? If not, then I am sorry for you! You need the awesomeness that is Happy Piranha in your lives ASAP and I will tell you why very soon! But first, here’s a little info about the company in the words of Josh and Sam:

At Happy Piranha our ethos is simple – to work small scale, with big ideas, to create cute, quirky, inspired designs that stand out from the shoal. 
We’re a twin project (literally), tucked away on the blustery Cornish coast. Josh gets on with it and Sam does the talking. It’s always been that way really and it’s worked out just fine so far. 

There’s only two minutes between us and a further 25 years since. We still don’t agree who’s the red spinning top was. 

Our products are part of a passion. They wind their way from conversations about the things we enjoy, to the ideas they inspire, to Josh’s pen and paper and then onto his computer. If we’re lucky, some make it into the homes of those of  you who share the sentiment.

Our candles are hand poured, the scents hand-picked, the designs hand drawn, the labels put on by hand… and then there’s the checking (by hand), the packing (by hand) and the typing –you guessed it – by hand, to bring it all to life.

We only have four hands between us, which is both unfortunate, and fortunate and true.

In 2015 Happy Piranha began as an interest on Etsy and curious pastime. Now it’s a passionate full time that often fills up the in between times too.

A lot of time goes into the delivery and design of our products and a lot of thought before that too.

Why do we do it?

Because it makes us a Happy Piranha,

And we hope it makes you one too!

Now, let’s get to the fun part! The candles! I currently own three full size ones (two of them came in rep packages and the other one was featured in a previous month’s Fairyloot) and I am obsessed with every single one of them! No, I am not exaggerating! I am honestly and undeniably obsessed! So much that I occasionally catch myself stopping in front of my bookshelf to grab and sniff one of their candles! But let me talk about each one of them individually!


First up we have an Amortentia candle inspired by Harry Potter! This is where the ‘love potions’ part of this post’s title came from! Amortentia is a really sweet scent of rose musk and raspberry and has to be my favorite of the three! I absolutely love fruity scents and raspberry has always been one of my favorites in candles, so as soon as I smelled this one I knew it was going to be a new favorite! It has a gorgeous blue color and let’s just say that I’m in love! And yes, I did that on purpose!


Lunar Lights

Next up, we have a Lunar Chronicles inspired candle! This one smells of chocolate and strawberries and oh my stars, it is divine! I absolutely love chocolate and I absolutely love strawberries so when I have them both together, I am in total bliss! Lunar Lights is a bit of a heavier scent than Amortentia but if you love the scent of chocolate like I do, then you should totally try this one! It has a beautiful red color and perfectly matches the covers of the books!


Kalusian Sunset

Last but not least we have Kalusian Sunset! This is the one that came in February’s Fairyloot and is inspired by An Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belezza! It has a gorgeous purple shade (one of my favorite colors) and smells of strawberries and champagne and again, I am obsessed! I’ve been meaning to light this one for months now but always talk myself out of it because I don’t want to ruin it! And this was also a Fairyloot exclusive which means you can’t get it anywhere else, so I’m too afraid it will run out!


Also, let me talk about the labels a bit! They’re absolutely stunning and some of the most amazing ones I’ve seen out there! From the Sci-Fi themed constellation patterned label of Kalusian Sunset to the beautifully designed labels of Amortentia and Lunar Lights, it’s super hard to pick a favorite! Plus, they design the labels themselves so that’s even more impressive, and even the lids are total perfection! Just take a look at this photo and you’ll see what I mean!


Alright, now it’s time to get to the most colorful part of this blog post! I’m sure you all are wondering why Unicorn Farts? Aside, from the fact that unicorns are awesome and we all need them in our lives of course! Have you ever seen layered tea lights? Happy Piranha has them and they are absolute perfection! They currently have three different sets available but I am obviously going to talk about the one called Unicorn Farts! I got it as a part of my last rep package and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Unicorn Farts consists of six different tea lights all sporting unique colors and scents! Two of them have glitter and two of them are layered but they all smell absolutely amazing! My favorite scent is Double Bubblegum but Glitterberry doesn’t go far behind and there’s a chocolate and strawberry one too! You can find info on each tealight on the back of the package, so you know what you’re smelling, and once again I have to mention the gorgeous packaging!

Make sure to check out the other two sets as well because they are also absolute perfection! Waxtasia is a six pack inspired by Caraval and the Night Circus and Every Fragranced Candle is a twelve pack inspired by Every Flavored Beans and Harry Potter! I mean, seriously! Every Fragranced Candle! How awesome does that sound?

Before I leave you all to contemplate the awesomeness that is Happy Piranha, I want to share a couple more things you need to check out:

House Pride candles 


You all know how much I love all things Harry Potter, don’t you? House Pride candles are always my favorite and when I saw these ones, I immediately fell in love! Their labels are absolutely amazing and in my opinion, every true Potterhead needs to have at least one of them (if not all) on their shelves! I’ll be ordering one or two (or three) of them very soon and I can’t wait to have them in my hands!

Other Products

Did you know that Happy Piranha also sells other products like mugs, coasters and art prints? If you’re not a fan of candles, you should definitely check these out! Just like the candles, they also feature amazing designs!

Mix and Match

Happy Piranha offers an amazing Mix and Match option with which you can get any three candles you want at the discounted price of 20 pounds! A pretty good deal if you ask me and one I’ll be taking advantage of very soon!

Death’s Demise


With Halloween approaching fast, I had to mention this newly released candle! It smells of lavender, jasmine and vanilla and has a gorgeous label that perfectly matches the dark vibes of October! If you’re a fan of spooky things like I am, then I would definitely suggest adding this one to your collection!

Anime and Video Games

Last but not least, Happy Piranha has an amazing range of candles inspired by anime and video games! If you’re a fan of Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and more, you need to check these out! Like all their candles, they come with gorgeous labels and amazing scents!

And that’s a wrap! Make sure to check out Happy Piranha’s website, Instagram page (@happypiranha) and their amazing products and treat yourselves to some too, because like I said, you need them in your life! And now I will leave you to check out some amazing photos taken from my awesome fellow reps!

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