Mid-month Check In Christmas Edition

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe there are only 7 days left until Christmas? Where has the year gone? December has been a crazy busy month for me (I barely seem to find time to sit down and relax anymore) which is why I haven’t posted till now! But since we’re halfway through the month I figured it was time to check in with y’all and let you know what’s going on in my (bookish) life!

Currently Reading


I finally started Flame in the Mist yesterday and even though I haven’t gotten very far, I’m really enjoying it already! Hopefully, I will manage to actually finish it because I have the bad habit of stopping in the middle of reading books lately but since Christmas break is coming and I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands, I’m confident that I will finally catch up a bit on my TBR! I’m desperately behind!

Currently Listening


Aside from the traditional Christmas music obsession I recently started listening to The Crown’s Game, which I downloaded for free thanks to an awesome Audio Books offer that was included in September’s The Bookish Box! I was super excited to find it because I’ve wanted to read it for a while now and it’s safe to say that if I like it, I’m going to buy a physical copy too! Besides, have you seen the hardback? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Currently Watching

I finally caught up with Lucifer last week and now I’m about to start watching White Collar again! I’ve actually seen all the seasons but it’s been a while since then and since it’s one of my favorite shows, I figured it was time for a rewatch! Also, Neal! I love Neal beyond reason! I also have one more episode of Riverdale left to watch (the obsession is real) but let’s not start talking about all the other shows I need to catch up with, because that list is way too long!

Currently Writing

This month’s inspiration seems to be all about pirates! I have no idea where that came from but I’m not complaining because writing about something random is better than no writing at all! And it’s a good thing I already had a pirate story in the works from a couple of years back that I could expand on. Proof that all your random drafts can turn out useful!

Latest Purchase


I finally got my hands on Hunting Prince Dracula on Thursday and I’m so excited to read it! Well, I still need to read Stalking Jack the Ripper to be honest, but like I said I’m hopeful for Christmas break! Though I did get spoiled about who the Ripper was and I’m definitely not happy about it.

Christmas Cake


I needed to include a bit or randomness in this post! Christmas Cake is not actual cake but a Christmas Cake flavored coffee! I tried it for the first time on Tuesday and let me tell you, I am obsessed with it! I’ve been drinking it every day since then and it’s safe to say I will keep drinking it every day until Christmas and probably after Christmas too! After all, the day is never complete without a mug of coffee!

Things I’m excited for!

  • December’s Owlcrate. I’m actually still waiting for November’s too (thank you so much customs) but I’m hoping they will arrive together soon! I have luckily managed not to get spoiled for December’s box, so I’m looking forward to unboxing it!
  • December’s Fairyloot. I couldn’t resist treating myself to a Fairyloot this month (Christmas present to myself!) and I’m super excited for it to arrive! It’s going to include a full size Disney Funko Pop and I can’t wait to see what it is!
  • The Cruel Prince. I won’t get into detail about all the books I’m planning on getting my hands on because that would take way too long but one book I’m super excited for in January is The Cruel Prince! How could I say no to fairies?
  • Gingerbread. That includes both Gingerbread Latte and gingerbread cookies! There’s nothing more Christmas-y than that and I won’t deny that I’m a sucker for classic Christmas traditions! I’m also planning on making Gingerbread muffins on Christmas Eve and I’m already drooling!
  • Christmas movies. Speaking of classic Christmas traditions! I’m planning on watching Christmas movies every night until Christmas and it’s a family tradition to watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve so I’m looking forward to that every year!
  • And of course Christmas! Sitting around the fireplace and opening presents on the morning of Christmas has always been my favorite moment of the year! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I just love everything about it, so I can’t wait!

And that’s a wrap! I already have two more posts planned for this week so I’ll be seeing you again soon! Take care and have a wonderful week!


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