Mid-month Check In February 2018

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Hope you’re all having a very relaxing day! We’re a little over halfway through the month, which means it’s time for another mid-month check in! I’ve decided to make those a regular thing because I have so much fun writing them! Here’s what I’ve been up to so far this month!

Currently Reading


I’m almost finished with The Cruel Prince and I’ve really enjoyed it so far, even though I have to admit I found it a bit slow for my taste. Still, Holly Black’s fairie world is fascinating and I had so much fun reading about all the different aspects of it! I’m hoping to finish this one tonight because it’s taken me longer to read than I was planning to and hopefully I will be able to write a review too!

Currently Watching


I finished binging Black Sails this week (my obsession with pirates is still going strong) and now I’ve started rewatching Vikings! I stopped after the third season but I really want to finish the series and I’m currently on the first episode of season 2!

Currently Writing

Still working on my pirate story! I seem to be on a roll lately and I’m extremely happy about it because it had been a while before I was inspired to write that much. I’m determined to focus on my writing more from now on, so I’ve decided to force myself to write a little bit every day even when I don’t feel like it. I’ve set a goal of 2k words per day for now and I’ve managed to write over 15k words this week so it’s been going great so far!

Last Purchase

My last purchase is The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah! I found it in a local bookstore the other day and I couldn’t resist buying it! I’ve read some great reviews about it and I’ve wanted to focus more on reading historical fiction this year, so I can’t wait to pick it up! Aside from The Nighingale, I also just ordered Blackhearts and Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman and I can’t wait for them to arrive! Like I said, I’m obsessed with pirates right now!

Β Owlcrateathon

February is the month during which #owlcrateathon takes place, which is a readathon that lasts from February 10 to February 23 hosted by Owlcrate! The goal is to read two books in two different genres and to read the oldest Owlcrate book you own! I was originally hoping to read at least four books for it but since it’s taken me so long to finish The Cruel Prince, I’m going to focus on finishing three. I’ll be picking up Eliza and Her Monsters next and after that Of Fire and Stars, which is the oldest Owlcrate book I own.

Things I’m Excited For

  • My day off tomorrow. Tomorrow is considered a public holiday for us here in Greece because of the carnival. Which means no work which means more relaxing time. Yay! I’m actually hoping to go on a small trip but if not, I’ll just stay at home and do some reading and writing! I love cozy days like this!
  • February’s Owlcrate. As always, I’m super excited to get my hands on this month’s Owlcrate box. The theme is “Hidden Worlds” and I already know which book is in the box and am super excited to read it! It will also come with an exclusive cover and will be signed by the author, so I’m extremely happy about that!
  • Daughter of The Siren Queen. I read Daughter of the Pirate King last month and absolutely loved it so I can’t wait for its sequel to come out! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy and Tricia Levenseller was also awesome enough to send me some pre-order swag, so I can’t wait to take photos!
  • This week’s photo shoot. I’m planning on having a big photo shoot on Tuesday and I’m super excited about it because I have so many photo ideas!Β  I’m trying to be a bit more creative with my Instagram posts and I’m really looking forward to taking those photos. I also got myself a tricorne so I can’t wait to dress myself as a pirate again! And since it’s the carnival season here in Greece, the timing is quite nice!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you all for reading! Hope you’ll have an amazing week! πŸ™‚


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