Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Hello everyone! Today I’m back with another tag! The Fictional Boyfriend Tag! I was going to this closer to Valentine’s Day but in the end I decided to go with The Book Love Tag instead, so I decided it was finally time for it now. And since I have plenty of fictional boyfriends – seriously, the list goes on and on and on – I figured this would be really fun! So let’s take a look at my pics.

1.Most romantic boyfriend.

For this I would go either with Maxon (The Selection) or Jem (The Infernal Devices). I think we can all agree Maxon would make a pretty romantic boyfriend and he’s such an amazing person. And as for Jem, there’s nothing more tomantic than music is there? And plus, everything he said to Tessa made my heart melt.

2.  Dark and moody bad boy with a good side.


Well, I had to choose the other side of the parabatai coin for this. Will Herondale, of course! Even years after reading The Infernal Devices, he stills remains my favorite book character of all times. We all have to admit he was pretty moody at the beginning of the series and he did do some questionable stuff but he turned out to be an amazing person beneath the surface. And his love for Tessa and Jem made me love him even more.


3. Paranormal boyfriend


I chose Daemon Black (Obsidian) because what’s more paranormal than an alien? Plus, he’s pretty awesome and I would love to explore more of his alien side. I love the fact that he becomes pure light in his true form.

4. Boyfriend you want to tame


Zeev Kesley aka Wolf from the Lunar Chronicles. He’s practically a wolf so he is a bit wild (or a lot) but I love him! And I do think he needs someone to tame him a bit.

5. Boy you friend zoned.

tumblr_mzuan7DWgI1toleslo1_500Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. Please, don’t make me say that again. Let’s stick to Baz, okay? I absolutely adore him! He has an awesome sense of snarky humor and I guess he can also be considered a bad boy with a good side but even though I love him, I think I would prefer him as a friend rather than a boyfriend. It would be awesome to hang out with him and besides he and Simon belong together and I could never get between them.

Note: This fanart is cuteness overload. I love it so much!

6. Your soul mate.

I just have to say Will Herondale again. Like I said, he’s always on the top of my list. But I’m also thinking of Dorian from Throne of Glass because he loves reading and obviously I do too, so I think we’d be great together.

7. Boyfriend you want to elope with.

Well, aside from Will and Dorian , I’d really want to elope with Sam Cortland. He’s such an amazing guy and I’d have no problem running away and marrying him. And also Julian Blackthorn. I  finished Lady Midnight recently and I honestly think I’m in love. I guess I have a thing for artists.

8. Boyfriend you’d venture anywhere with.

Definitely Theodore Finch. We already know he’s good with wanderings and it would be awesome to see the world with him, craziness and all.

9. Boyfriend you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with.


Captain Thorne without any doubt. He would make the experience so much better with his funny comments and plus, he could easily fix the ‘stranded’ situation by flying us off the island on the Rampion.

10. The most badass.

kaz1This one is reserved for Kaz Brekker. Couldn’t leave him out, could I? He’s brilliant, ruthless and a complete badass and I wouldn’t mind joining him in a heist. As long as he came up with the escape plans, of course. Other than him, I’d say Four is also very badass.


Well, that’s it for today’s tag. As always feel free to do it as well. And let me know who your book boyfriend is. Do we have any in common?



7 thoughts on “Fictional Boyfriend Tag

    • Demmi Writist says:

      I absolutely adore him! You should definitely read TID soon so you can see for yourself how awesome Will is! He and Kaz have the dark and moody personality in common. And I would advice you to read TID before City of Heavenly because there are some big spoilers in it about Clockwork Princess! 🙂

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